14 April, 2007


Poila Boisakh, 1414

D Bandopadhyay, retired civil servant and scholar, has written in today's The Statesman, quoting National Sample Survey data, about intimations of Great Bengal Famine like conditions in parts of West Bengal.

That brought to mind Zainul Abedin's sketches from the Bengal famine (1943). As well as Subimal Misra's short-story haran majhir bidhoba bou-er moda ba shonar gandhi-murti, written in 1969. And eventually that led to my deciding to start a blog-site to share my translations of Subimal Misra's short stories.

I began translating Misra in late 2005. Dr Mrinal Bose, physician and writer, had pointed me towards his work. I was fortunate to get the author's blessings for my project. For a few months I was immersed in this. That was a unique experience. I hope to get a volume of my short story translations published.

This year marks 40 years of Subimal Misra's writing. I hope I will be able to organise a quiet felicitation. Through this blog I pay tribute to this unique and valiant figure in the world of literature.

Zainul Abedin was memorialised in Bangladesh as Shilpacharya, or great teacher of the arts. Subimal Misra is for me Sahityacharya, a great teacher of literature.


Amit said...

that's laudable ramaswamy. a selection of subimal misra after 40 years of his unique prose writings for non-bengalee readers is an excellent tribute to this rare breed of world class writer who hardly got much recognition.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rama,
You have done a wonderful job. As I first started reading Subimalda in early 90's faced a lot of trouble, through which I came in touch with a nice writer, our beloved Subimalda.
Pratip Majumdar