13 April, 2007

Nilotpal Roy's selection

Nilotpal Roy is a literature scholar, college lecturer and writer in Calcutta. Subimal Misra considers Nilotpal to be the foremost scholar of his writing. He has written a monograph on Subimal Misra, titled Aar Manusher Bachchara Shobai Khub Hunshiyar Thakben … Keno-na Celebrity Non Bolei Subimal Misra Jokhon Khushi Mutey Ditey Paren Aapnader Mukhey (“And Beware, All Offsprings of Men … for Just Because He is Not a Celebrity Subimal Misra Can Piss on Your Face Whenever He Likes").

One story Nilotpal recommends is "Aarai Ganga" (1997, “Two and a Half Gangas”) which appears in Misra’s story collection Sotyo Utpadito Hoy (”Truth is Manufactured”). He says the class dialectics aspect of Misra’s writing comes out very strongly in this story.

He ranks the story collection Dui Tin Te Udom Bachcha … (1980) as the most outstanding single volume of Misra’s stories.

Nilotpal has put together a list of “stories” of Misra, arranged in a specific sequence, which, according to him, would serve to give an idea about the kind of writer Subimal Misra is. “They show experimentation in narrative technique and departure from narrative, defying all conventions. There is also a thematic variation across these stories. They carry to fullest expression the various significances or characteristic aspects of Misra’s work. These stories are also extremely challenging to trans-create in another language."

The List

1. Okusthol Dodrumoy (1985, Bobby)
2. Goru Ek Dhoroner Chotuskon Prani (1980, Dui Tin Te Udom Bachcha …)
3. Utol Hawa (1980, Dui Tin Te Udom Bachcha …)
4. Foot Ded Ek Ek Poritokto Jaygay (1979, Dui Tin Te Udom Bachcha …)
5. Neel Phosphorus (1979, Dui Tin Te Udom Bachcha …)
6. Ekhon Ishwori Ek Matro Jibito Achen (2000, Bobby – Part 2)
7. Maratyok Jantu Ana Rakha (1974, Nanga Haar Jegey Uthchey)
8. Lotka Lotki (1985, Bobby)
9. Rokter Shobab (1971, Haran Majhir Bidhoba Bou-er Mora …)
10. Biplober Dikey Chottrish Foot (1972, Nanga Haar Jegey Uthchey)
11. Nirbachito Chinnhito Irshar Bharey Nirbashoney (1990, Ei Amader Shiki Lebur Ningrani)

Nilotpal Roy has also prepared a list of twenty-four stories for a sequel volume to Subimal Misra’s Chhottrish Bochorer Rograragri (which brings together fifty-five of Misra’s stories from across his writing life). The stories, in specific sequence, are:

From Kika Cut-out -

Jol Chol Chol
Bishishto Binodon
Onobroto Porityyag Korar Obhigyota
Kika Cut-out

From Nanga Haar Jegey Uthchey -

Biplober Dikey Chottrish Foot

From Shiki Lebu -

Daran, Somoresh Bosu Bhor Jubotir Chhatu Hoye

From Haran Majhi -

Park Steeter Traffic Post-ey Holud Rong
Shomoy Duhshomoy
Rokter Shobab

From Nanga Haar Jegey Uthchhey -

Nanga Haar Jegey Uthchhey
Moydaney takar Gach
Babumoshai Moja Korun
Maratyok Jontu

From Dui Tin Te Udom Bachcha

Utol Haowa
Goru Ek Dhoroner
Neel Phosphorus
Foot Ded Ek Ek Poritakto Jaygay
Ghor Koira Jabo Bondhu

From Bobby – Part 2 -

Ekhon Ishwori Ek Matro Jibito Achen

From Bobby -

Plastiker Golapi Choti

From Sotyo Utpadito Hoy -

Arai Ganga

From Bobby

Okusthol Dodrumoy
Lotka Lotki
Oitihashik Obotoron

According to Nilotpal Roy, Subimal Misra's recent text-work, Guer Pod Tin Jaygay Lagey, is his magnum opus and a fitting final work, which definitely needs to be published.

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