14 April, 2007


I have been extremely fortunate to benefit from the encouragement, feedback and suggestions of many people.

Dr Mrinal Bose introduced me to the name of Subimal Misra, and also kept after me, prodding me to begin. He enthusiastically received my translations, gave me his honest comments, critique and suggestions immediately and eagerly awaited the next story.

Subimal Misra gave me his approval and trust, without which I could not have proceeded.

Tapas Ray, Nilanjan Bhattacharya, Dr Amit Basu, Devananda Chatterji, Abhijit Bhattacharjee, Ashoke Barman, Dr Rosinka Chaudhuri, Mark Maclean, Dr Anjan Ghosh, Aheli Chowdhury, Ravikant, Sagar Sanyal, Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Samir Bhattacharya, Ankur Saha, Sreemati Mukherjee, Lou Graziani, IK Shukla, Shiv Karan Singh, Chhanda Karlekar, Swagato Sarkar, Soumitra Das, Aparna Das, Lorena Gibson, Samir Shrivastava, Dr Ranabir Samaddar, Medha Chandra, Somnath Sen, Ram Ray, Jabali Muni, Champa Bilwakesh, Kakoli Bandyopadhyay, Rahul Banerjee, Aditya Dutta Roy, Nirupama Sekhri, Debashish Basu, Aromar Revi and Ruchir Joshi – all took the trouble to read my translations and give their comments.

I fondly remember my recently deceased aunt Revathy Gopal, a fairy godmother if there ever was one, for her appreciative comments and suggestions.

My other aunt, Malathy Sitaram, was also most generous with her time, encouragement and comments, as was my mother, Gomathy Venkateswar. Likewise my uncle VS Gopalakrishnan.

Ahmad Saidullah most graciously expressed his appreciation and suggested various corrections, for which I cannot be too grateful.

Sam North, of Hackwriters.com, who featured four of my story translations on this literary e-zine.

Finally, Rajashi Mukherjee, my wife, whose appreciation and support was vital to the sustenance of this project.

To all of them, I bow in humble gratitude. I apologise if I have unwittingly omitted any names.

I remain responsible for any inadequacies in the translations.

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